Why I Decided To Run Away To Disney World

Do you remember when your parents told you to always follow your dreams; that you could be anything you wanted if you just worked hard and believed? From then on, you spent your evenings wishing on stars, aspiring to be a princess or a fairy, but that soon turned into wanting to be a doctor, lawyer, veterinarian, and a teacher because at some point in your childhood, you learned that no one takes a girl who dreams of being a fictional character seriously, and suddenly that sparkle in your eyes went away.

Before you knew it you were in your twenties, crying in your dorm room at 2am, staring at a blank word document, wondering when you decided to stop dreaming, and when you became an adult.
I started college thinking I was going to breeze through those four years and be successful, yet here I am in my third year with not much to show for it and a hell of a lot longer to go. By now you might be asking yourself, “Why on earth would she want to take a semester off to work at Disney World?”
I hate to say I am running away from my problems, but that is essentially what I’m doing. I have spent these three years working my butt off to cross the finish line, but in all that time, I think I have forgotten what the finish line is. I’ve spent so much time wanting to move forward and think ahead that I’ve forgotten to take care of what is happening right here, right now. And what’s happening right here, right now, you ask? I’m quickly becoming a nervous wreck who has lost that sparkle in her eye and the light in her heart.

As cheesy and ridiculous as it sounds, I think the only place I truly feel happy, the only place I feel I belong, is Disney World. Yes, I know it’s a theme park, and yes, I know I can’t expect myself to live as a fully functioning adult for the rest of my life on a Disney Cast Member’s minimum wage salary, but I do know that the first step in figuring out what I want to do with my life is finding that light again.

Yes, I’ll be behind in school. Yes, I’ll probably just be pushing a go button and making sure people are wearing their seatbelts for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. Yes, I will miss home, and yes, I know it won’t be as glamorous as I might think it is. One thing I know for absolute certain is I will be creating magic for people for five whole months, and what better way to find the light inside myself again than seeing that same light shimmer within others?

                                                                                                                       See Ya Real Soon, Mickey!